About Us

Alternate Power Supplies, was started in the Year 1999 & since then has been catering to the needs of Uninterrupted Power for Citizens of Mysore & surrounding areas.

our-own-make-roshini-home-upsWe were assembling our own Home UPS Systems & computer UPS systems under the brand names ROSHINI & PCMATE respectively. Both were very popular brands  & highly reliable Power Back Up solutions.

In 2006, we stopped assembling our own brands albeit with a heavy heart to keep up with the changing market trends & requirements. Thus we became a part of “Super Brands Era”.

We made strategic partnerships with Super Brands like Sukam, Microtek, Numeric & APC. We selected the right product portfolio in each brand & started marketing them. Since we had enough prior expertise we were able to make the right choices of Models & solutions & offer the same to our Customers.

In 2007, we were offered the opportunity of becoming an Authorised Service Partner for APC by Schneider Electric. We accepted the offer & went on to create history in the area of In Warranty Service delivery for APC Products.

apc_award_mysoreWe were awarded as the Best Authorised Service Partner by APC on 3 consecutive occasions.






certificate_of_appreciation_apc_mysoreWe also created a record by giving 100% Turn Around Time continuously for 365 days to our customers & were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by APC.

We have now evolved to being “Solution Partners” than just being” Box movers “ !!

Currently, we are associated with  APC, Emerson, Luminous & Consul Neowatt brands of UPS Systems. We deal in APC, Luminous, Exide ,Amaron Quanta & Tata Green Batteries.

With Alternate Power Supplies, you can “Rest in Power”!!